Super Monday Night Combat

Welcome to the most lethal and entertaining sport of the future



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Super Monday Night Combat (Super MNC) is a free, multiplayer third person shooter that combines action game elements with real time strategy to create an experience that lies somewhere between League of Legends and Team Fortress 2.

The game, part of the MOBA genre, allows players to compete in teams within various closed stages. The idea is simple: the blue team (Icemen) needs to destroy Moneyball, the base of the red team (Hotshots), and vice versa.

In order to complete this objective, players can make use of all kinds of abilities that are different depending on what kind of character you're using. Some will be more effective at close combat, others are more adept at laying traps... everything depends on your preferred strategy.

As the game progresses and you go destroying enemies and neutral creatures, which only appear in part of the map, you'll earn money. With this money you can upgrade your character's level to get new and better skills to help you annihilate your foes.

Like almost all the games of its type, Super Monday Night Combat includes various modes of gameplay. 'Turbocross' is more or less like the original Monday Night Combat, while 'Super Blitz' lets you try your luck in a kind of 'survival mode'.

Super Monday Night Combat is a MOBA that stands out from the rest thanks to its dynamic gameplay and excellent graphics, and succeeds in hooking players into an entertaining spiral of destruction.
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